Are you Driving IT?
Can You See What's Ahead?
Which way?

Are you driving IT or is IT driving you?

You need business intelligence about your operations, suppliers and customers. Knowing where you were yesterday does not help at the speed of business today.

Can you see what's ahead and react in time?

Do your legacy systems give you enough information about what is coming down the road? Do you have enough warning to avoid obstacles?

Which way should go.., Legacy system or something new?

Legacy systems brought you this far. But it takes even more time and money to get the information you need, and it's not in real time.

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Barry Lawrence, Ph.D   Corbin Ball

Dr. Barry Lawrence leads the Supply Chain Lab at Texas A&M, a leader in supply chain research in the U.S.   This program will help you get more out of your sales force, improve profitability on a customer by customer basis and use pricing as a competitive weapon.


Innovation in technology will be transforming the way we do business in the next several years.  Take action now to prepare for these changes!  Respond to these new trends efficiently, effectively and proactively! Don't wait for change to happen to you.

Keynote Speaker | Barry Lawrence Ph.D | Oct-14, 2009

Keynote Speaker | Oct-15, 2009 | Corbin Ball